Former chairman Jose Castro claims Sevilla are about to go bankrupt

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Sevilla president Jose Castro insists the club’s financial status is not as strong as the former president claims.

Sevilla president Jose Castro has retaliated against former chairman Jose Maria del Nido. Who claimed that the Andalusian club were on the verge of bankruptcy and were facing massive debt problems. Nonsense According to a report from Asa on Sunday 

‘To say the ufabet club is going to go bankrupt is nonsense,’ Castro said. We have excess expenses. After a season without season tickets or game tickets.’

The Sevilla president also discussed the release of Schulz Kunde, which would allow the club to relieve some of the burden and breathe easier, but Castro has said he will not sell the 22-year-old defender. Cheap for sure After the player became the focus of Chelsea and Real Madrid, the Andalusian side rejected an offer worth 50 million euros for the Blue Lions in the past summer.

‘Yes, the loss of revenue will be fix with the sale of Gunde,’ admitted Castro. But we showed that we were financially strong by not taking €50 million. Ruin is something that doesn’t interest the club at all.’

From that moment (2019), the president had to put himself in the hands of José María del Nido Jr. (facing his father in court) to guarantee himself a majority in the council. Although along the way, the price of that support has been translate into corporate tolls (salaries, bonuses, hiring …) tailor to the son of the former president. Pepe Castro stopped the coup a year ago thanks to the legal trick used, but that bullet is already used. Letters will be given again next Tuesday.