Giovinco warns Insigne playing in Toronto could be out of the national team

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Sebastian Giovinco, former Italian national team striker Recommend junior Lorenzo Insigne to move to play with Toronto FC if not serious about missing the national team.

Insigne has been link with an interesting offer from Toronto FC and is highly likely to join the Major League. After the end of his contract with Napoli at the end of this season by Jovinko, who was a legendary club in Canada. Cheer for the juniors to move to play here. 

But don’t think too much about getting out of the Italian national team. like myself. Who had taken a hot bath before “Here (Canada) they are convince that the deal will be OK. They expected him to arrive in March. But to me it would seem strange. Insigne is Napoli’s captain and I don’t think he will leave midfield in the midst of such a title race.

On his expectations of coming to Toronto, Giovinco said: “It depends on what you want, as a person I feel good. It’s an easy city to live in. “But as a professional You have to consider that you may fall out of orbit. I drop out of the national team and was forgotten by the world. If you’re open to leaving those things behind That is an experience that I would recommend everyone.” “Toronto is a wonderful city in a beautiful country. 

There is a large Italian community. and have the freedom to go wherever you want without any disturbances.” “When I arrived in 2015, money was not in my mind. I don’t want to talk in detail about that. I do not regret my choice. I have score more goals. And assists than the number of ufabet games I have play. I did well even though it was of no use.”