Pellegrini has pointed out that La Liga is now a bad league

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Real Betis manager Manuel Pellegrini has pointed out that La Liga is now in such a bad condition that you shouldn’t waste time watching league ufabet games. such as having too many throwing players or delaying too much.

Real Betis coach Manuel Pellegrini has urged all parties to work together to make La Liga even better. After he views the current La Liga as a very bad league. Compared to the top leagues in Europe.

    Pellegrini has a long history of working in La Liga. Because in addition to being the boss of Betis, previously he had been in charge of Villarreal for 5 years and Real Madrid for another year. Meanwhile, he has worked in England with Manchester City and West. stham united as well    The Chilean coach said “The referees, the coaches and the players have to work hard so that La Liga doesn’t have this embarrassing condition. Like in the last meeting with the referees, they also told us that this is the slowest league in Europe.”

    “People want to see fun shows. But we didn’t give that to them. We have only delayed the most. (compared to other leagues), had the most dives It was a pathetic and humiliating story. In fact, we have to make it a good show. People buy tickets because they want to see something fun.”