“French YouTuber” walked from Marseille to Paris under Messi contract

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“French YouTuber” walked from Marseille to Paris under Messi contract. He has praise by fans and followers. That not less for Boomerang Sama. A French footballer who is refer to as the most aggressive contract defender. Successfully walking from Marseille to Paris

Zama previously tweet online: “If PSG can sign Lionel Messi, I will walk from Marseille to Paris. To see him play.”

Which is well known that in the end. The event after that is the big teams of Ligue 1 Can grab the Argentine superstar to join the team successfully. Which cause Sama to keep his word. And depart from Marseille on August 11

Latest on Wednesday, August 18, local time. Sama has arrived at the Park des Princes, home of Paris Saint-Germain. finished Which referred to travel a total of 7 days, with a distance of about 700 kilometers, with close friends who join the mission and record video updates on social media all the way every day.

French YouTuber Sama has receive a lot of praise from fans on Instagram boumesama

Of course, for being a true man who keeps his word, Zama has receive a lot of praise from fans on Instagram boumesama. Which has more than 750,000 people. And Twitter Boumé さま is please with this mission By posting a picture of Zama holding Messi’s number 30 shirt in front of the stadium. And gave it as a gift.

According to the Spanish media futbolred , Zama and her best friend walk an average of about 100 kilometers a day, dribbling and filming a lot of footage. This is a very difficult mission. Because if driving from Marseille to Paris, it takes about 9 hours ever

for Boume Zama is a YouTuber with a passion for football. Comes with unusual skills Produce content related to various aspects of sports.The ball is on a regular basis. Subscribers on YouTube Boumé Sama over 3.14 lakh people, including more than 41 million views and wonderful views.