Paris Saint-Germain, they beat Strasbourg 4-2

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Competitive soccer league match between France Paris Saint – Germain. Open house against Strasbourg at the Parc des Princes on Saturday night, August 14,

Before the Paris Saint-Germain game. The new Argentine striker, Lionel Messi. He has been unveil in front of fans alongside Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma. All three of whom were not name in the game. This appointment.

Paris Saint-Germain took the lead 1-0 quickly

Opening the game for just 3 minutes, Paris Saint-Germain took the lead 1-0 quickly, Abdu Diallo opened the ball from the left edge of the line into the penalty area, Mauro Icardi took a strike over Matt’s head. X Cells netted with no left

In the 24th minute, the defenders continue, Ander Herrera poke the ball into the direction of Kylian Mbappe, steer the ball into the penalty area before spinning with the right side. Deflecting the defensive line to change the entrance. The goal for PSG escaped 2-0.

In the 27th minute, Kylian Mbappe snatch into the penalty area. Before opening to the second post for Julian Draxler to jump openly, latching on to Paris Saint-Germain. Dropping to 3-0 and finishing the first half. With this score, in the

second half of the 53rd minute, the visiting team got into the game on the right, Adrien Tomasson opened a high into the penalty area, Kevin Gamero head to change the way to insert the second post into Strasbourg. 1-3

Minutes at 63 Strasbourg chased a 2-3 Dimitri Leonard took the ball up to the left before opening into the penalty area. Ludovic Ajork ran to hit play through. Gaylor Navas’s hand was absolutely insert into the pole.

In the 81st minute

In the 81st minute, Strasbourg had to come down to just 10 players. After Alexandre Dicou had to be sent off from the back field for Mauro Icardi from behind for a second yellow card for a red card. In this game, in

The 86th minute, the hosts came to score the winning goal, Kylian Mbappe snatched the end of the back line before opening the door for Pablo Sarabia. The substitute, a clear shot into PSG to escape. 4-2

game over Paris Saint-Germain Open home to defeat Strasbourg 4-2, collecting two wins in a row, 6 full points, rising to the top of the league successfully.