Silva has denied being named attached to an offer to buy Kane

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According to The Athletic, Bernardo Silva has decline to be named on the club’s bid for Tottenham. A recent Harry spearhead the British. To play in the local Etihad Stadium this summer.

Manchester City’s Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva is not intereste in being part of the squad’s offer. “The Blues” to Tottenham Hot Spurs the release of Harry Kane striker. during this summer 

The English Premier League champions last season. Showed a desire to bring in Kane to reinforce the army, but Spurs set the player’s head at more than 150 million pounds (about 6,600 million baht), which makes Manchester City have to try to find a new solution. By putting Silva with the money to buy. England captain.

According to The Athletic, the club’s chairman Daniel Levy has adjusted the offer, while Silva is reluctant to join Spurs and wants to join the club. Spain over the player’s agent, George Mendes, is in Manchester. to try to fix this problem.

Silva is one of Manchester City’s first-team players who are set to leave the club. Because they want to find opportunities to field with other teams After the agency seized the British army, Jack Grealish. to strengthen the army with a cost of 100 million pounds (about 4,400 million baht) 

While “The Blues” are ready to allow Silva to move the team if given the right offer. While the players insist that he will not play with Spurs as part of an offer to grab Kane to join the army decisively.