Liverpool beat Burnley 2-0, picked up six points

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Liverpool picked up six points from the first two Premier League games after Anfield’s 2-0 victory over Burnley on Saturday evening.

Jürgen Klopp’s men had a goal from Diogo Jota who flicked past Nick Pope and was assisted by Costas Simikas, and the closing goal came from Sadio. Mane, who has successfully opened his first goal of the season

As for what’s interesting? Is there anything worth talking about? Let’s check 5 issues from this game

– Little Elliott The real start!

The Kop more than 50,000 people who attended the game at Anfield in a familiar atmosphere. Including Liverpool fans around the world were surprised that Jurgen Klopp picked Harvey Elliott as his starting XI.

On days when many “Reds” midfielders are not available, James Milner has a minor injury, Fabinho is on a personal mission (father has just died) and Alex Oxlade-Chambers. lane There is no name in this game, so Elliott gets a chance.

This is his first eleven appearance on the top-flight stage. and the result was as the master had hoped. That’s a great performance.

“I’m not surprised that he can play like this. That’s what he’s been training for over the course of six or seven weeks,” said Klopp, referring to the 18-year-old.

    Elliott is highly involved in the game. They also frequently call for fouls from Burnley players, each catching the ball giving the team an advantage. 

    Unfortunately, the only point is that the ball was paid to Mo Salah with a left-hand strike that was caught offside by VAR, otherwise this child has already been named as an assist.

– Cheers at Anfield,

the familiar atmosphere and cheers returned for the game, 52,000 fans were delighted. and enjoy the sound especially in the second half

Nick Pope picked up on the youngster after six minutes trying to pull the game slowly as he played the ball from the front of the goal. That was a warning to him that he was playing at a stadium backed by home supporters.

 after halftime early second half The visiting team became better in possession of the ball. The movement on the offensive was awoken by the sound of the fans in the stands. Before the game started, there was cheering for Salah, Van Dijk and Firmino, which was fun.

    After going through a nightmare at Anfield without fans last year This is something completely different. And the most impressive person would be inevitable. The applause from “The Kop” rang out. It’s an impression that is hard to forget.

– Shota during sheath

Despite not playing 90 minutes in the first two games But the Portuguese national team striker This was an important part that opened the first score for Liverpool in both games.

    Jota was always a player who did well when scoring goals. Whether it’s a shot or a hit. He is a player who consistently performs well every time he gets the chance to play.

Last season, Jota scored eight goals between October and November and was involved in a three-game streak. Before the injury had to rest for a long time.

    coming this season He started by starting the first two matches. Including the opportunity during the pre-season And it’s a good sign for the next game, where consistency is key.